Versatile cleaning products

Our selection of bulk cleaning supplies are extremely suitable for both commercial and domestic purposes.

All of our products are of an excellent standard and are perfect for providing you with a better, easier cleaning experience. 

We have a large-scale range of different items which are ideal to support our customers with all types of cleaning tasks, ranging from professional cleaning to general home duties.

With our company based in Essex, we will ship out to Leicestershire with ease.

UK Cleaning Supplies are proud to support all of our customers with any recommendations or enquiries they have.

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commercial supplies Leicestershire

We have a great selection of products which are suitable for commercial use. They can be used to maintain a spotless work area to increase productivity.

It can be hard to know which supplies could be ideal for a larger sized organisation, but our selection will offer you a cost effective option to suit the cleaning requirements of any company.

When you buy cleaning supplies in bulk for your Leicestershire establishment, you are able to purchase a larger amount for less money. This is an effective decision which will be cost effective and save time in the long term.

It prevents you from being without any cleaning stock, as you will always have a bulk supply on standby.

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Cleaning products on a kitchen worktop

Domestic Supplies leicestershire

It can be very convenient to have the some of the weight taken off of household cleaning, especially when you’re cleaning after those around you.

We supply all types of cleaning products which can make these jobs easier, they are perfect for a stress free clean.

Over time, there can be a large build up of dirt and grime around your household. This will always benefit from having a deep clean, which will leave all areas of the house sparkling. 

It’s important to make sure you have cleaning products to cover all types of duties, in our store you will find high-end cleaners which can conquer completely anything. 

Our cleaning products are will always be affordable and the most efficient ones you’ll find, as well as being extremely eco friendly! 

A Dedicated Team

We thrive ourselves on ensuring all of our clients gets the value they deserve for their money. You deserve to have a problem free experience when purchasing cleaning products in Leicestershire.

The renowned name of our company has purely been built through the tireless work our staff put in.

Our aim is to make sure that our service is always up to scratch so our customers are pleased with our efforts.

UK Cleaning has a goal of getting orders out to clients as quick as possible – this is why we offer free shipping and next day delivery.

We also have a customer service team which are always on hand to answer any enquiries too!