How To Polish / Dress a Floor

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To obtain optimum results, it is important that thorough preparation of the floor is undertaken. The floor must be thoroughly cleaned to remove all dirt, grease and old polish films by using a quality polish remover such as Clover Chemicals’ REMOVE or ZIP STRIP. The floor must be well rinsed with water and allowed to dry before applying floor polish


  • 1 Mop bucket
  • 1 Mop
  • Floor Polish / Dressing
  • Cloths
  • Warning signs
  • Gloves


1. Always wear gloves and glasses
2. Prior to starting workplace warning signs to identify the work area.
3. Assemble the equipment and check it is ready for use.
4. Prepare the floor polish in the bucket according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
5. Starting at the farthest point from the door apply the polish solution by mop – Applying a thin film of floor polish (undiluted) using a mop paying particular attention to the edges.
6. Drying time is normally around 30 minutes
7. Move to the next area and repeat the process until the operation has been completed.
8. Apply a second coat and allow to dry.

Recommended Equipment

Cleaning Cloths
Mop and Bucket
Floor Polish / Dressings
Caution Signs

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