Carpet Cleaning Supplies

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Carpet Cleaning Supplies

The carpet cleaning supplies we provide on our website are from highly rated brands like Prochem and Clover, providing you with supplies that will exceed expectations, ideal for use in a professional and home setting.

We only offer the very best equipment for carpet cleaning, and each product is thoroughly tested to ensure the highest performance. We supply a variety of carpet cleaning products, including machines, fabric protectors, chemicals and specific product removers.

Upholstery Cleaners & Fine Fabric Chemicals

Clover Leather Cleaner – 500ml


Air Fresheners

Clover Lemon Breeze


Carpet Cleaner Accessories

Clover Liquid Defoamer 5ltr


Carpet & Fabric Protection

Clover Tar & Glue Remover


Carpet Cleaning Supplies

D-Bond Chewing Gum Remover


Carpet & Fabric Protection

Fabric Foam 480ml


Carpet Maintenance Chemicals

Heavy Duty Extraction Cleaner


Carpet & Fabric Protection



Carpet Cleaning Machine

Medusa Carpet Sweeper


Carpet Maintenance Chemicals

Prochem Bonnet Buff 5 litres

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A Variety Of Uses

We offer a range of carpet cleaning products for multiple uses such as for particular and specific stains, for example, coffee stains or rust stains. For more stubborn tasks such as chewing gum removal, we provide all the cleaning supplies for carpets you need, including chewing gum perforators

The Importance Of Carpet Cleaning

If you want to have a long-lasting carpet, then it is important that you take good care of it. You can clean your carpets regularly and keep them in quality shape with the proper vacuuming technique as well as using high-quality products for regular maintenance on both an individual level or monthly basis.

Fragrant Results

Our carpet cleaning supplies are not only practical but also leave your carpet smelling fresh and fragrant with scents such as lavender and citrus. These cleaning products for carpets are ideal for both domestic and commercial usage.

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