Cleaning Equipment

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Dusters & Flicks

Lambswool Duster


Brushes/ Brooms/ Dustpans

Lobby Dustpan And Brush


Carpet Cleaner Accessories

Prochem “Dry Chem Sponge”


Range Of Cleaning Equipment And Supplies

At UK Cleaning Supplies we have an extremely large range of cleaning equipment and supplies, including top of range floor cleaning machines, mops, buckets, brooms and much more for a multitude of tasks and projects.

High Quality Cleaning Equipment And Supplies

All of our products are manufactured to the highest of quality to improve their life length and easy usability to ensure our customers are fully satisfied with our products.

Colour Coded Cleaning Equipment And Supplies

We supply a variety of colour coded cleaning equipment and supplies, these are ideal for industries with hygiene considerations such as food environments in which there are separate food storages, such as sections for cooked food and sections for raw meat and fish.
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