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Quattro Hygiene Products

Our Quattro Hygiene product range includes conventional 2- and 3-ply toilet paper rolls and 2-ply hand towels. Whether shopping for yourself or your business, our paper products are certain to meet your needs.

Conventional Quattro Toilet Rolls

Choosing toilet roll for the office may seem like a relatively minor task but it can make a large difference to the office environment. No one wants to work somewhere where they can’t feel comfortable and toilet rolls contribute to the comfort of the workplace. Having good, high-quality toilet rolls can make a world of difference compared to scratchy, non-absorbent toilet roll. The Quattro everyday luxury range offers high-quality toilet roll at a pleasantly low price. Quality shouldn’t cost the earth and the QT range proves this. With 2-ply, soft and 3-ply options, there are rolls to suit every budget and requirement. The Quattro toilet roll range can make a big difference to your workers’ everyday lives. With its soft and durable sheets, it won’t cause skin irritation or rashes.

Quattro Paper Towels

Paper towels offer higher levels of hygiene than any other hand-drying method. When it comes to choosing a paper towel, absorbency and strength are important. If the towels are absorbent but not strong, they will ultimately cause a lot of mess in the office, likewise, if they are strong but not absorbent, they won’t dry your employees' hands, rending the towels useless. Whether for the home, office or workplace, our Quattro range of paper towels offers the best of both worlds and are sure to meet your needs. We stock both C-fold and Z-fold paper hand towels. Our two-ply options give softness and durability as well as excellent absorbency. Designed to fit a range of hand towel dispensers, do not hesitate to call UK Cleaning Supplies today, if you need help determining which folding style you need for your dispenser.
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