Toilet Paper Dispensers

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We offer a variety of toilet paper dispensers suitable for a range of toilet roll sizes including both mini and maxi jumbo toilet rolls. Our dispensers are instantly recognisable and provide a hygienic and sealed solution to loose toilet rolls.

High-Quality Toilet Paper Dispensers

All of our toilet paper dispensers are made from high quality moulded plastic which is smooth and hygienic yet robust and durable. All dispensers are lockable and feature an easy to refill system which staff will find simple to manage. Our toilet paper dispensers are also compatible with both perforated and un-perforated paper.

Suitable For All Industries

Our toilet paper dispensers are suitable for use in bathrooms of all workplaces; including offices, schools, restaurants and public institutions. Our toilet paper dispensers take up a minimal amount of room and fit perfectly into any sized bathroom. Plus. once you have bought one dispenser, you won't need to ever buy another, all you need to get is bulk toilet roll.

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