Eco Friendly Toilet Roll

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Environmentally Friendly Toilet Paper

As part of our bulk toilet paper range, we have many rolls of eco-friendly toilet paper for sale for those that are more environmentally conscious of their purchases.

How Is It Environmentally Friendly?

Providing toilet paper that is made from completely recycled materials shows that your business is conscious of its impact on the environment. Our eco friendly toilet roll is the perfect way to either extend your company's green status or start making improvements.

Manufactured to CHSA rules, our eco friendly toilet rolls use 100% recyclable soft pulp paper from a variety of sources, products that typically end up in a landfill can now be used multiple times, reducing the need to manufacture new products.

The eco friendly toilet paper also breaks down quicker than other toilet rolls, meaning by the time the water is ready to be recycled the majority of the paper will have already disintegrated. This means businesses can add these products to their carbon footprint reduction quota too, becoming a cost-effective way of ensuring compliance with green legislation.

These eco friendly toilet rolls have the same high-quality and comfortable feel as standard paper toilet rolls. As the paper is 3-ply, this means there are three sheets of paper interwoven on each square, boosting absorption and increasing comfort.

Our Eco Friendly Toilet Roll Quality Assurance

Each case is delivered with 40 individual rolls, perfect for large businesses and organisations such as offices, pubs, restaurants or public facilities. Thanks to the lower costs associated with recycled paper, each case costs on average less than other premium brands of the same size, even with the added bonus of being made from fully recycled paper products.

Each eco friendly toilet roll holds 166 sheets, with each sheet measuring 104mm x 120mm. Rolls arrive in a clear plastic outer, with signage indicating the product's contents. The paper is embossed with a diamond pattern for a high-quality look and is quilted for extra comfort. For busy bathrooms, this product is a great way of reducing costs and ensuring adherence to environmentally-friendly initiatives.

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