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Centre Feed Rolls & Dispensers

Blue Centrefeed 2 Ply Rolls


Centre Feed Rolls & Dispensers

Hygiene / Medical Couch Rolls


Centre Feed Rolls & Dispensers

Luxury Centrefeed Rolls 2 Ply


High-Quality Centrefeed Rolls

From our paper cleaning products range, our centrefeed rolls are of a 2-ply thickness with luxury embossed features and highly absorbent qualities. Even when wet, these rolls have extreme strength and the ability to wipe and clean all surfaces.

A Range Of Centrefeed Rolls

We offer a range of rolls including both white and blue centrefeed rolls, both products are luxury embossed and of 2-ply thickness. Our other option is our smaller mini centrefeed, also 2-ply but featuring 12 rolls per box, opposed to the 6 rolls in the standard centrefeed cases. We also provide centrefeed roll dispensers for these rolls if you don't already have them.

A Reliable Company

We are a highly reliable company, with outstanding customer service, having the ability to deliver on next day bases. All deliveries over £75 are eligible for free UK delivery.
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