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Sturdy Mop Handles

Mops are an essential component to efficient cleaning for professionals. It can be a hassle to have to buy a whole replacement mop whenever your handle or mop head breaks, which is why we have provided a selection of mop handles that are compatible with many different mops. Make sure you identify the correct handle for the mop head that you have.

Buy Mop Handles Online

Revolutionise your cleaning routine with top-quality mop handles online. Our premium mop handle collection is your go-to solution for effortless floor cleaning. Our wide range of mop handles are equipped with advanced cleaning technology, allowing you to tackle stubborn stains and grimes with your mop.

Durable Mop Handles

With hassle-free installation, they securely attach to most standard mop heads, saving you time and effort during setup. Crafted for longevity, our mop handles are built to withstand repeated use and machine washings, ensuring reliable and efficient cleaning for the long term. They are suitable for use on all types of floor including hardwood, tile, laminate, vinyl and more.

Affordable Mop Handles

Experience cost-effective cleaning with our cheap mop handles. Whether for home or commercial use, our premium mop handle collection promised professional-grade results, making cleaning a breeze and leaving your living spaces healthier and pristine


Are these mop handles compatible with all types of mop heads?

Most of our mop handles are designed to be compatible with wide range of mop heads. However, you should check specific product description for specific compatibility.

What materials are these mop handles made from, and are they durable?

Our mop handles are crafted from durable materials like stainless steel, aluminium and high quality plastics. We only offer mop handles that are made from strong, long-lasting materials

Do you offer bulk or wholesale purchasing options for businesses?

Yes, we do offer bulk and wholesale purchasing options for businesses. If you are interested in making a bulk purchase, sign up for a trade account

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