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Bulk Buy Toilet Roll

Are you looking for high-quality toilet roll for sale? Bulk buy toilet roll, so you never run out in the workplace or at home. Purchase larger quantities and use bulk toilet roll prices when shopping at UK Cleaning Supplies. Don’t forget that we offer free deliveries on orders placed over £75. When it comes to wholesale toilet paper, nobody does it better than UK Cleaning Supplies.

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Bulk Buy Toilet Roll For Various Uses

We offer a large range of bulk toilet paper, for use in offices, schools, public institutions and even for domestic usage. Whether you are looking for conventional toilet rolls, luxury toilet rolls or jumbo toilet rolls, we have a selection of stock to suit every industry and budget. All of our toilet paper products are available in bulk form. We also supply toilet paper dispensers for a variety of bulk toilet paper sizes.

Competitive Prices On Bulk Toilet Roll

UK Cleaning Supplies offer some of the most competitive prices for bulk toilet paper including a range of popular brands such as Andrex, Bay West and Quattro. When buying in bulk, you are automatically unlocking a substantial saving.

High Quality Bulk Toilet Paper

All of the bulk toilet paper products we sell are extremely high in quality, designed to minimise additional usage and extend the lifetime of each individual toilet roll, therefore, cutting down on costs in the long run. All products featured in our bulk toilet paper selection have a minimum ply of 2-ply, with some products featuring a 3-ply thickness. Not only this, we supply eco-friendly toilet rolls as well in an effort to support environmental efforts.

Bulk Buy Toilet Paper With Next Day Delivery

We offer next day delivery on all UK orders if your product needs are immediate, ideal for large businesses when experiencing a toilet paper shortage. UK Cleaning Supplies also provide standard delivery free of charge on all UK orders over £75.

Bulk Toilet Paper Special Offers

At particular times, we offer a variety of special offers on our bulk toilet paper products, including system toilet rolls. These offers are subjected to a limited time only and we urge our customers to take advantage while these offers are available on our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of toilet paper rolls are available

Toilet paper rolls come in arious types, here at UK Cleaning Supplies we sell standard rolls, jumbo rolls and coreless rolls.

How many sheets are typically on a standard toilet paper roll

Standard toilet paper rolls usually contain between 200 to 300 sheets, but this can depend on the brand and type of toilet tissue.

What factors should be considered when choosing toilet paper?

Factors to consider include ply, softness, strength, and whether the toilet paper is made from recycled materials.

What is the standard core size of a toilet paper roll

The core size, or the inner cardboard tube, of a standard toilet paper roll is typically around 1.5 to 2 inches in diameter.

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