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Introducing a range of high-quality scouring pads for tackling tough stains and grime. Here at UK Cleaning Supplies, we ensure that our customers are supplied with the very best scourers around. We believe that to build trust with our customers, we must start by providing the best possible products: in this case, our scouring pads have been hand-picked and tested to ensure maximum quality and effectiveness. Our sponges and scouring pads are easy to use and maintain. Order scouring pads now and use the perfect tool for a spotless home.

Here at UK Cleaning Supplies, we offer a variety of different scourers each with different features.

Galvanised Scourers

Galvanized scourers are a type of cleaning tool commonly used in households and commercial settings. They are made by coating steel wires or meshes with a layer of zinc through a process called galvanisation. This protective zinc coating enhances the durability and corrosion resistance of the scourers, which makes them suitable for heavy duty cleaning tasks.

Sponge Scourers

Sponge scourers typically have a dual-sided design. One side features a soft sponge that is absorbent and gentle on surfaces, while the other side is equipped with an abrasive scouring pad. The abrasive scouring pad side of the sponge scourer is designed to tackle stubborn dirt, grime, and baked-on residue. The sponge side of sponge scourers offers good absorbency, allowing them to hold and distribute cleaning agents effectively.

Non-Scratch Sponge Scourers

Non-scratch sponge scourers are specialised cleaning tools designed to provide effective cleaning without scratching or damaging delicate surfaces and they are particularly useful for cleaning items that require extra care. Similar to traditional sponge scourers, non-scratch versions feature a dual-sided design. One side consists of a soft sponge for general cleaning and gentle wiping, while the other side incorporates a non-scratch scouring pad made from materials like foam or microfibre.

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