Folded Paper Hand Towels

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Folded paper hand towels

Do you need folded paper hand towels? Do you like high-quality products at an affordable price? Well, at UK Cleaning Supplies, we supply the very best folded paper hand towels to all who need them. We love to put products that we trust in our store, and so, when shopping folded paper hand towels with us, you can sit back with ease, knowing we’ve got you covered.

A Range Of Folded Paper Hand Towels

We supply a variety of folded paper hand towels, including both c-fold and z-fold. Our paper hand towels are available in a range of colours, able to be chosen by you for the most suitable variation for your company.

Differences Between The Folded Paper Hand Towels

There are many different names for the various fold options, V Fold (also known as Interfold towels or Zig Zag towels) perform by releasing the next towel when pulling the initial towel from the dispenser, meaning the towel is ready for the next use, there is less wastage due to only one towel being used at a time and contact with the dispenser is not needed, reducing the risk of cross-contamination. Z-Fold paper hand towels are ideal when requiring a full surface area of the hand towel, due to being dispensed in flat form. C-Fold paper hand towels are folded in on themselves and require to be opened up by the user prior to usage.

High-Quality Folded Paper Hand Towels

Folded paper hand towels are a hygienic alternative to hand dryers, providing a premium solution to hand drying. All of our folded paper hand towels are extremely soft and suitable for sensitive skin. Our hand towels are highly absorbent and dry hands thoroughly after washing.

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