Centre Feed Rolls & Dispensers

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Centre feed rolls and dispensers

Our centre feed rolls & dispensers are some of the best on the market. From quality to price, we do it best. We hand-select all of the products that we put on our store, always quality-checking new products to ensure that they’re fit for our site. So, when shopping with us for centrefeed rolls & dispensers, feel comfortable in safe hands, as our goal is to give you a quality, satisfying product. If you have any questions, then don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Centre Feed Roll Dispensers

Apron Roll Dispenser


Centre Feed Roll Dispensers

Centrefeed Dispenser


Centre Feed Roll Dispensers

Duo Glove and Apron Dispenser


Centre Feed Roll Dispensers

Hygiene / Medical Roll Dispenser


Centre Feed Roll Dispensers

Lucart L-One Maxi Dispenser


Centre Feed Roll Dispensers

Lucart L-One Mini Dispenser


Centre Feed Roll Dispensers

Mini Centrefeed Dispenser


Centre Feed Roll Dispensers

Triple Disposable Glove Holder


Quality Range Of Centre Feed Rolls & Dispensers

Within our extensive paper cleaning products, we supply a range of centre feed rolls and dispensers suitable for use in a variety of places, from the workplace to shared areas domestically, they will handle any cleaning job from mopping up spills to providing excellent drying abilities for your hands.

Competitive Prices & Fast UK Delivery

Ordering from our choice of Centre Feed products is as quick and easy, we offer fast delivery with UK next-day delivery available on all of our products.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a centrefeed roll?

A centrefeed roll is a type of paper towel or tissue roll that dispenses sheets from the centre of the roll. This design allows for easy access and efficient tearing of sheets

What are the advantages of centrefeed rolls and dispenser

Centre feed rolls are convenient and hygienic, as users can easily pull out individual sheets without touching the rest of the roll.

How do i load a centrefeed roll dispenser

Loading a centrefeed roll dispenser involved placing the roll onto a spindle or holder within the dispenser. We advise you follow manufacturer instructions for specific models

Are centrefeed rolls suitable for all environments?

Centrefeed rolls are versatile and can be used in various environments, including kitchens, restrooms and healthcare facilities. However, its crucial to choose the right type for specific application

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