How to Strip a floor

STRIP / REMOVE FLOOR DRESSING / POLISH / SEAL TO FLOOR EQUIPMENT NEEDED 2 Mop buckets 2 Mops Stripping Chemical Edging tool(Doodlebug) Cloths Relevant pads Warning signs Gloves OPERATION 1. Always wear gloves and glasses 2. Prior to starting work place warning signs to identify the work area. 3. Assemble the equipment and check it […]

How to Clean Urinals

Health & Safety Always wear the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Take care not to splash walls and Fixtures Follow instructions on safe use of Chemicals Always use colour coded cloths, mops & Buckets etc. Do not leave equipment unattendedEquipment (Colour Coded)Toilet Brush Cleaning Cloths Mop and Bucket Green Scouring Pads Gloves Toilet Cleaners / […]