What is blue roll? A complete guide

two blue centrefeed rolls, one standing up and the other laid down on table

Blue rolls, also known as centrefeed rolls or blue paper towels, have become a staple cleaning item in households and businesses. Available in 1,2, or 3-ply variations, blue rolls can suit various requirements and settings. In today’s blog, we will discuss what blue roll made of, common uses for it aswell as advantages.

What is blue roll made of?

Blue roll is usually made by mixing recycled and new pulp fibres, which are then processed during the production process and treated so that they are enhanced to soak up liquids better and to make them stronger and more durable. The distinctive blue colour of these paper rolls is achieved through food-safe blue dye, which makes it easier to spot and suitable for places like kitchens and healthcare facilities where cleanliness is paramount.

What can centrefeed blue roll be used for?

In households:

Blue paper rolls are commonly found in kitchens, bathrooms, and other living spaces where spills occur. Blue roll is ideal for quickly cleaning up spills on countertops and floors. They can also be used for specific cleaning tasks, such as cleaning kitchen appliances and dusting surfaces, rather then using other cleaning tools such as microfibre cloths. Blue paper towels are also a convenient option for drying hands after washing.

Commercial Settings:

Blue roll is essential for keeping things clean and safe in places like restaurants, cafes, and stores. It’s used a lot for wiping tables, counters, and areas where food is prepared. Blue roll helps prevent germs from spreading and keeps everything looking neat. It’s tough and absorbs liquids well, making it perfect for cleaning up spills quickly. Businesses rely on blue roll to keep their spaces clean and tidy for customers.

Industrial Settings:

Blue roll is a handy tool for cleaning up messes and keeping things running smoothly in places like factories and workshops. It’s tough and absorbs liquids, which makes it great for wiping down machines and work areas. Blue roll is especially useful in auto repair shops for cleaning up oil and other fluids. Having blue roll around helps keep workplaces safe and tidy, which is essential for getting the job done right.

Medical and Healthcare Settings:

In medical facilities and healthcare settings, blue roll is indispensable for maintaining cleanliness and preventing the spread of infections. It is used for wiping surfaces, drying hands, and managing spills to minimise the risk of contamination and promote a hygienic environment. Blue roll’s absorbent properties and disposable nature make it a practical choice to maintain high hygiene standards in medical facilities and ensure patient safety.

6 blue centrefeed rolls

Advantages of blue paper towels

Blue paper hand towels offer many benefits for various settings. However, in general, the main advantages are:

  • Colour-coded: The distinctive blue colour of centrefeed rolls makes them easily identifiable for specific cleaning tasks. Colour coded cleaning is crucial in hospitals, kitchens and laboratories. 
  • Highly Durable: Blue rolls are highly durable and strong, making them effective at heavy-duty cleaning tasks by ensuring they don’t rip. 
  • Tear-resistant: Designed to withstand constant use, blue paper towels are tear-resistant and often come with perforations for easy tearing, allowing for efficient use whilst reducing waste
  • Eco-conscious: Many blue paper towels are made from recycled materials, contributing to sustainability efforts. 

How do you remove the centre from the blue roll?

If you’ve used blue paper towels before, you know that removing the centre from the middle can be challenging. For quick and efficient removal of the centre, follow these guidelines:

  • Locate the centre of the blue-centred roll; this is usually a cardboard tube that runs through the middle.
  • Then, find the beginning of the roll where it’s loose; you may need to use your thumbs to pull apart either side.
3 rolls of North Shore Blue Embossed Towel Roll

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We hope this blog has helped you understand the characteristics and benefits of blue paper towels for a wide range of uses for various industries.
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Frequently Asked Questions about blue paper roll

Whether blue roll is recyclable will depend on the specific material used and your local recycling options. It is recommended to check with the manufacturer for specific guidelines.

Some types of blue rolls are designed to break down in composting facilities; others may not be suitable due to chemical treatments added after processing. It’s vital to check with manufacturer guidelines before composting your blue roll.

Blue rolls are generally not flushable and can cause plumbing issues if flushed down toilets due to creating blockages, so it’s advised to dispose of blue centrefeed rolls in the bin.

Depending on the composition of the blue roll will depend on whether it is biodegradable. While some blue paper towels may biodegrade over time, others may not break efficiently; again, we advise you to check manufacturer guidelines.

The main difference between blue roll and white roll lies in their colour, with blue roll often associated with hygiene-sensitive environments due to its distinct colouring, while the white roll is more commonly used in general cleaning tasks.

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