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Cloths & Dusters

From window cleaning cloths to dusters for your home, we have it all! We pick only the best products to put up on our website, and so, you can sit back safely, knowing we’ve rigorously tested all products, for efficiency, quality, and durability.

Cloths & Dusters

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Cloths & Dusters

Our cloths and dusters are of exceptional quality, sourced from trusted business partners that know how to create a good product. If you're unsure of the right product for you, you can always call us on our contact page. We'll be happy to help. We prioritise our customers above everything, and we want the best for you and your cleaning ventures.

Competitive Prices & Fast UK Delivery

Ordering from our choice of cloths and dusters is as quick and easy, we offer fast delivery with UK next-day delivery available on all of our products.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of cleaning cloths, and how do their materials differ in performance?

Cleaning cloths come in various materials such as microfibre, cotton and disposable options. Personally we recommend microfibre cloths as they are effective for trapping dust and dirt due to its fine fibers

What types of cloths are suitable for specific cleaning tasks, such as dusting, polishing or scrubbing

Microfibre cloths are excellent for dusting and polishing, while more abrasive cloths or sponges are suitable for scrubbing tasks

How often should you replace cleaning cloths to maintain effectiveness

Replace cleaning cloths when they become heavily soiled and worn out. Ideally once every few months, but we recommend cleaning them often aswell to ensure effectiveness ( ideally once a week )

What is the best way to organise and store cleaning cloths to prevent cross-contamination

Its recommended to store cleaning cloths in designated colour-coded bins or areas for different tasks to avoid cross-contamination. Wash them separately based on their designated use and where it will be used

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