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Wholesale Cleaning Product Suppliers

Buy bulk cleaning supplies at a very low price at UK Cleaning Supplies. UK Cleaning Supplies are the leading specialist for wholesale cleaning products where can buy a multitude of products at very low prices compared to other cleaning wholesalers. From buckets & mops for the workplace, to bulk toilet tissue for household purposes, we offer the largest variety of wholesale cleaning products where you can take advantage of our free deliveries throughout the UK. Buy bulk cleaning supplies online now.

Carpet Cleaner Accessories

Bissell Commercial Carpet Cleaner


Carpet Cleaner Accessories

Clover Comet Carpet Cleaner


Carpet Cleaner Accessories

Clover Defoamer 5ltr


Brushes/ Brooms/ Dustpans

Cobweb Brush Blue


Brushes/ Brooms/ Dustpans

Doodlebug Scrubber Holder

Out of stock

Carpet Cleaning Machine

DSU12 Viper Vacuum Cleaner


Carpet Cleaning Machines

Duplex 340 Floor Cleaning Machine


Carpet Cleaning Machines

Duplex 420 Floor Cleaning Machine


High Quality Cleaning Equipment And Supplies

All of our products are manufactured to the highest of quality to improve their life length and easy usability to ensure our customers are fully satisfied with our products.

Colour Coded Cleaning Equipment And Supplies

We supply a variety of colour-coded cleaning products and equipment, these are ideal for industries with hygiene considerations such as food environments in which there are separate food storages, such as sections for cooked food and sections for raw meat and fish.

What Is The Common Equipment Used In Cleaning?

Protective gloves:

Wearing rubber gloves while you clean can keep your skin safe from germs and illnesses that develop when bacteria comes into direct contact with the human body.

A Mop And Bucket:

Essential for cleaning areas that build bacteria quickly. You'll want to use different mops and buckets for toilets, kitchens as well as general cleaning areas.

Yellow Dusters/Microfibre Cloths:

Microfibre cloths are the best way to save money and have a cleaning product that will last longer than other options. These cloths are good for the environment, as well as being able to wash with water and not chemicals.

A Dustpan And Brush:

A common item in most households but something that is useful with most cleaning jobs. Cleaning brushes are also incredibly useful in this regard, with many different types for different surfaces.

Sponges And Scourers:

The absorbent nature of sponges make them great for cleaning with water. They are particularly useful for cleaning dishes as well as glass.

What Is The Difference Between Cleaning Tools & Cleaning Equipment?

While they may seem to be the same, cleaning tools and equipment can be separated into two different categories. Equipment usually refers to specific items that are used to accomplish a goal, with more of a mechanical focus. Tools, on the other hand, are less specific and can be defined as any product that will help you meet your goal, mechanical or not.

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