Centre Feed Roll Dispensers

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Quality Centre Feed Roll Dispensers

Within our extensive paper cleaning product range, we supply a range of centre feed dispensers suitable for use in a variety of places. These are absolutely perfect for professional businesses but can be used domestically if you choose. We also supply high-quality centrefeed rolls to go with our dispensers, which you can use to restock your dispensers.

Centre Feed Roll Dispensers

Apron Roll Dispenser


Centre Feed Roll Dispensers

Centrefeed Dispenser


Centre Feed Roll Dispensers

Duo Glove and Apron Dispenser


Centre Feed Roll Dispensers

Hygiene / Medical Roll Dispenser


Centre Feed Roll Dispensers

Lucart L-One Maxi Dispenser


Centre Feed Roll Dispensers

Lucart L-One Mini Dispenser


Centre Feed Roll Dispensers

Mini Centrefeed Dispenser


Centre Feed Roll Dispensers

Triple Disposable Glove Holder


Benefits Of A Centrefeed Paper Dispensers

Paper is securely stored in one of our centre feed dispensers; they are a popular choice in a commercial or industrial setting. They are typically used in health and safety settings due to the easy use of the centre feed, making them the perfect blue roll dispenser.

Due to the easy-use function of centre feed dispensing, our centre feed roll dispensers are more hygienic, helping to avoid cross-contamination by minimizing the chance of the same piece of paper being used twice. They also give you more versatility as they can be used for hand and surface wiping, spill clean-up, and general cleaning tasks.

Some final points to consider for our centre feed paper towel dispensers is that they are more convenient in any commercial company since they can be mounted on a wall out of the way and also because they are available for a quick and easy change over making them more beneficial towards your company. Our Centrefeed Paper Dispensers are the most cost-effectiveand economical choice for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can centrefeed roll dispensers be used?

Centrefeed roll dispensers can be used for various settings including but not limited to: healthcare settings, restuarants and cafes, offices and industrial warehouses. Our centrefeed roll dispensers are easy to use which makes them ideal for anywhere.

What types of centrefeed dispensers are there avaialable?

Here at UK Cleaning Supplies, we supply a range of different types of centrefeed dispensers. Including the following:

Plastic centrefeed dispenser:

Lightweight and cost effective, plastic paper roll dispensers are ideal for various settings.

Wall mounted centrefeed dispenser:

Wall mounted dispensers can be easily mounted on walls meaning they are ideal for saving space in commercial settings.

Touchless centrefeed dispenser:

In environments where hygiene is important such as healthcare settings, touchless dispensers reduce cross contamination.

Do you offer discounts for bulk purchase?

Yes, if you spend over £100 per month you can sign up for a trade account where we offer exclusive discounts including up to 50% discount, and first look at new products!

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