Facial Tissues

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Facial Tissues

We offer a range of facial tissues in bulk, in the form of both sleeves to be inserted into existing dispensers or boxed facial tissues, ideal for office environments with their easy access and compact storage system.

Bulk Facial Tissues

All of our facial tissues are able to be purchased in bulk, ideal for both domestic and commercial usage. All types of industries require paper cleaning products like facial tissues including offices, tradesmen, schools and public institutions. Our bulk facial tissues are suitable for both workplace use and use in bathrooms for hygienic hand/face drying.

Waste Reducing Bulk Facial Tissues

All of our wholesale facial tissues are designed to minimise waste due to their "one tissue only" design, with only one sheet appearing at a time and the next tissue appearing ready after the previous one has been used. This system is not only waste-reducing but also hygienic due to there only being required touching of the tissue in use. These systems are ideal for high traffic institutions which get heavy usages such as hotels and restaurants.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the facial tissues used for

Facial tissues are designed for gentle cleaning ad wiping of the face. They are commonly used for tasks such as blowing the nose and general hygiene

Are facial tissues flushable?

While some facial tissues are labeled as flushable, it's generally recommended to avoid flushing them as they may not break down as easily as toilet paper, and you could cause plumbing issues

Are there different ply options for facial tissues?

Yes, facial tissues come in various ply options, including single-ply and multi-ply.

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