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Top Quality Paper Cleaning Products

We welcome you to our paper cleaning products for sale. If you’re looking for cleaning solutions involving paper then we have got you covered. These products fall under several categories, including centrefeed rolls & dispensers, bulk toilet paper, paper hand towels and facial tissues.

Centre Feed Roll Dispensers

Apron Roll Dispenser

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Centrefeed Rolls

Centrefeed 2 Ply Rolls

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Centre Feed Roll Dispensers

Centrefeed Dispenser


Centre Feed Roll Dispensers

Duo Glove and Apron Dispenser


A Range Of Paper Cleaning Products

As part of our many pieces of cleaning equipment and products, UK Cleaning Supplies provide a wide range of paper cleaning products for a variety of uses. Our paper cleaning products include everyday toilet rolls and luxury toilet rolls, in addition to centre feed rolls, centre feed roll dispensers and hand/facial tissues. We offer a range of paper cleaning products for a variety of different industries, such as industrial workplaces, offices, schools, restaurants and public institutions. These products can be used effectively with some of our others, like refuse & waste products, which you would likely buy together. We supply many branded paper cleaning products including Andrex, Quattro and Nicky, amongst other well known and trusted brands.

Luxury Options Available

In addition to standard quality paper cleaning products (ideal for budget institutions) we also provide luxury options for the higher budgets, suitable for when wanting to offer your clients and guests the most luxurious paper cleaning products available. All of our products feature a minimum 2-ply thickness and many of our products feature a 3-ply thickness, providing users with thick and absorbent paper whilst minimising the amount of paper used over a period of time. You may want to check out our cleaning accessories to get the most out of these paper products, especially the luxury options as they can work very well together and provide better results.

Environmentally Friendly Paper Cleaning Products

We supply a selection of products where their main priority is to reduce the effect on the environment. We try to do this with all of our products, including paper products and toiletries. Our Envirosoft toilet rolls have the same high-quality feel as our premium products with a 3-ply thickness, yet break down with ease in the water and have the ability to be recycled into further paper products by being created from soft pulp recyclable paper. Many of these products are extremely useful because when paired with cleaning chemicals, you can keep spaces sufficiently clean while being eco-friendly.

Competitively Priced Paper Cleaning Products

All of our products are priced competitively, the majority of our products are also able to be purchased in bulk, which results in an even larger saving. This is not exclusive to paper cleaning products, for example, our window cleaning productsd are selected with consultation from cleaning experts to find the best price for our customers. We also offer sale promotions and special offers running on a limited time base.

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