Industrial Cleaning Chemicals

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Industrial Cleaning Supplies

Industrial cleaning chemicals are specialised formulations designed to clean and sanitise various surfaces and equipment in manufacturing and industrial settings. They can range from degreasers and disinfectants to solvents and detergents, all with specific purposes and properties. View the selection we have to offer below.

Food Safe Cleaning

Citrusol Max 5ltr


Industrial Cleaning Chemicals

Clover Finito 750ml

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Industrial Cleaning Chemicals

Clover Finito Degreaser


Carpet Cleaner Accessories

Clover Liquid Defoamer 5ltr


Hard Surface Cleaners

Clover Scrub Kleen


Hard Surface Cleaners

Clover Sola Lemon


Food Safe Cleaning

Clover Ubik 2000


Dish & Glass Washing

Finish Shine & Protect Rinse Aid


Dish & Glass Washing

Greyland Machine Dish Wash


Cleaning Chemicals



Shop Industrial Cleaning Chemicals

Cleaning chemicals play an important role in keeping commercial or industrial spaces clean and free from bacteria. At UK Cleaning Supplies, we have a wide range of industrial cleaning chemicals perfect for warehouses, retail and office environments.

Food safe industrial cleaning chemicals

For businesses such as restaurants and cafes, its vital to ensure you use safe cleaning chemicals. We have a selection of food safe cleaning chemicals including:


Industrial surface cleaners

Industrial surface cleaners are powerful solutions designed to efficiently remove tough grime and contaminants in industrial settings. With potent ingredients, they break down stubborn residues on surfaces like concrete floors and machinery, minimising the need for excessive scrubbing. Shop our range of hard surface cleaners including the sabre fragrant range , available in aerosol, trigger spray or as a 5L bottle

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