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Cleaning Accessories

We’re a cleaning company. Of course, we have cleaning accessories. In fact, we have some of the very best out there. This is because we really try and hone in on the quality of our products, only passing on the very best to ensure our relationship with the customers stays strong.

From sponges and cloths to dusters and cleaning safety signs, we stock an extensive range of cleaning accessories to ensure you can operate your services efficiently. Furthermore, be sure to check out our special offers for the latest deals on cleaning accessories. Take a look at what we have to offer.


A Variety Of Cleaning Accessories

UK Cleaning Supplies provide a range of cleaning accessories including sponges, buckets, cleaning safety signs and more. Our cleaning accessories ensure your cleaning is completed to the highest standard for both industrial and domestic cleaning projects.

Cleaning Accessories From High Quality Brands

We only use products from the highest quality brands such as Ettore, Unger and SYR, who are all highly recommended brands for cleaning accessories and create only the most sophisticated products.

Recommended Safety Cleaning Accessories

Many of our cleaning accessories cover the safety procedures that need to be carried out when cleaning is taking place. This includes a variety of products including safety cones and signs to be used for a variety of cleaning projects (including window cleaning).
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