Conventional Toilet Rolls

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Bulk Conventional Toilet Rolls

Part of our extensive bulk toilet paper range, we have conventional toilet rolls from brands that many of you may recognise. These products are revered for a reason, they are extremely high-quality and comfortable.

High-Quality Bulk Conventional Toilet Rolls

All of our wholesale tissue paper rolls are created to the highest standards, providing your clients and customers with optimum levels of hygiene. We have a choice of quality products, some featuring a 2-ply thickness and others with a more premium 3-ply thickness.

Depending on your budget and business type, your choice in our wholesale tissue paper rolls may differ, for the most luxurious of bathrooms we recommend either our Andrex 2 ply Luxury Soft White Toilet Rolls (case of 44) or our Quattro Ultra Luxury 3-ply Toilet Rolls (case of 40).

Eco-Friendly Conventional Toilet Rolls

If your company's impact on the environment is one of your main concerns, we have the perfect solution with our eco-friendly toilet rolls. Our Envirosoft 3-ply Toilet Rolls (case of 40) are created from fully recyclable soft pulp paper, meaning the toilet paper your company uses will no longer result in ending up in a landfill but will have the ability to be reused multiple times.

Eco-friendly toilet rolls also break down faster compared to standard toilet rolls, allowing for an easy disintegration process.

Value For Money

By purchasing our conventional toilet rolls in bulk you are automatically introducing your company to a cost-effective solution.

Our budget option, Eclipse Toilet Rolls 2-ply (case of 36) is ideal for companies wishing to buy bulk toilet paper at an extremely discounted price, we offer 36 rolls for £7.75, these products are ideal for all types of institutions, including schools, restaurants, offices and any public spaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many sheets are there on a standard toilet roll?

Standard toilet rolls typically contain around 200 to 300 sheets, but this can vary depending on the brand and specific product.

Is it safe to flush toilet paper down the toilet?

Yes, toilet paper is designed to break down quickly and dissolve in water, making it safe to flush down the toilet. However, it's essential to avoid flushing excessive amounts at once to prevent potential clogs.

How do I find the right toilet paper for sensitive skin?

For individuals with sensitive skin or allergies, seeking toilet paper labeled as "gentle," "hypoallergenic," or "dermatologist-tested" can be a good option. Additionally, choosing toilet paper that is free from dyes and fragrances may also be beneficial.

How should I store toilet rolls to keep them fresh and clean?

Toilet rolls should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture. Keeping them in a covered holder or cabinet can help maintain their freshness and cleanliness.

Are there eco-friendly options for toilet paper?

Yes, many brands offer eco-friendly toilet paper made from recycled materials or sustainable sources. Look for certifications like Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) to ensure the paper comes from responsibly managed forests.

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