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Cleaning Machines

The cleaning machines we have on offer are chosen with you, the customer, in mind. We want you to be able to clean without fault, and so, we’ve picked only the very best to put on our store. If you have any questions regarding our cleaning machines, then get in touch, and we’ll give you the best answer and help we can.

Carpet Cleaner Accessories

Bissell Commercial Carpet Cleaner


Carpet Cleaning Machines

I-Mop XL


Carpet Cleaning Machines

I-Mop XL Battery Charger


Carpet Cleaning Machines

I-Mop XL Left Battery


Carpet Cleaning Machines

I-Mop XL Right Battery


Carpet Cleaning Machines

Viper AS430 Scrubber Dryer


A Range Of Cleaning Machines

Our cleaning machines cover a wide range of cleaning projects and budgets starting from the IVO Power Brush Kit which is a cordless scrubbing tool kit with a variety of tool attachments for a range of cleaning tasks. Our machines for higher budgets such as the ride on scrubber dryer are ideal for cleaning of larger premises.

Competitive Prices

All of our cleaning machines are priced at a competitive rate, all of our prices are fair and transparent, allowing you to receive high quality cleaning machines at a reasonable and unbeatable price.

Cleaning Machines From Reputable Brands

We only sell cleaning machines from reputable companies including Prochem, Viper and Duplex. All of our machines produce high quality cleaning with optimum results. All features are considered with our cleaning machines including usability and life length.
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