System Toilet Rolls

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System Toilet Rolls

System toilet rolls

Ordering new toilet paper doesn't need to be a big outgoing cost. With our wide selection of system toilet rolls, you can ensure cost is kept low without sacrificing quality and comfort. Enclosed toilet roll systems are the best option for high-usage bathrooms, with larger rolls meaning that cleaners or maintenance staff need to top up or change rolls less regularly. Buying in bulk also means that costs are reduced even further, perfect for stretched facilities budgets or organisations with cost-cutting initiatives. Our jumbo toilet rolls are the best solution for these enclosed systems, and there are several options to choose from.

What you get

For systems with a 2.25 (60 mm) inch roll holder, we can supply Maxi Jumbo and Mini Jumbo toilet roll options, each with sheet sizes of 90mm x 300mm. Both rolls have a super long length too, meaning a longer life and fewer top-ups. We also offer both Maxi and Mini jumbo sizes in a three inch (76.2mm) core option. All Maxi sizes are delivered in cases of 12, so you may only need to order every few months depending on how busy your bathroom can be. All Mini and Maxi rolls are quilted for comfort. If you're looking to offer your staff, guests or customers something a bit more luxurious, then look no further than our system toilet rolls. We offer a 2-ply Impressions range, with 525 embossed, padded sheets measuring 95mm x 60mm. These rolls will still last a long time thanks to their 60m length, they are delivered in cases of 36 to keep costs even lower. For environmentally conscious businesses and organisations, we also offer a Bay West product made from 100% recycled paper, the Bay West Eco Soft. Each roll provides 616 sheets that are less damaging to the environment, but still deliver the same great cost saving expected from a larger toilet roll system.