How to Clean Urinals

Health & Safety
Always wear the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Take care not to splash walls and Fixtures
Follow instructions on safe use of Chemicals
Always use colour coded cloths, mops & Buckets etc.
Do not leave equipment unattendedEquipment (Colour Coded)Toilet Brush
Cleaning Cloths
Mop and Bucket
Green Scouring Pads
Toilet Cleaners / Descalers
Caution Signs
Refuse Sacks

Method of cleaning
1. Assemble and check equipment
2. Put out warning sings (floor stand signs and/ or door display signage/ barriers)
3. Ensure area has adequate ventilation
4. Flush the urinals
5. Check the urinal channel for any debris and dispose of in appropriate approved container or sack
6. Apply toilet cleaning solution to entire face of the urinal and leave to work (as per manufacturers instructions)
7. Wring cloth out well in hot water and detergent and wipe surrounding surfaces including cistern and pipe work, starting at highest point. Ensure the under lip of urinal is cleane and scrub floor tiles where necessary around the urinal
8. Use the toilet brush to thoroughly clean the face of the urinal
9. Rinse the whole area using clean water, repeat until thoroughly clean
10. Mop clean surrounding floor area
11. Dispose of waste water correctly
12. Mops should be rinsed and stored upright to allow drying; all colour coded mops are to be stored separately to avoid cross contamination
13. Clean equipment and return to store area
14. Report any faults to supervisor/Manager
15. Remove warning signs when floor is dry/ operation/ task is complete
16. Remove gloves and wash hands

Care of Equipment

1. Ensure toilet brush is clean before returning to holder
2. Wash buckets, wipe and store upside down
3. Wash cloths and allow to dry (dispose of any disposable cloths to prevent reuse)

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